Project 365 – Day Two Hundred and Fifty Two – Studs

day 252

I really need to blog about my “alternative” commutes a little more. I spent most of the summer cycling to work and for various reasons I’m now back to walking the journey when I can.

The recent cold snap we’ve had in the UK made it a bit tricky. No matter how good the soles of my walking shoes are, compacted snow and ice are very tricky to walk on. I did walk through it on several occasions, but it took me a bit longer than usual as I was having to really take care where and how I walked.

I’ve been doing the walking commute in all weathers for over 4 years off and on. For some reason I’d never thought of looking for some extra grip for my shoes until this recent spate of snow hit us. I bought some studs which are fitted into a rubber framework which then snaps around the soles of your shoes. I’ve not yet had the need to use them as most of the snow and ice has now gone, and I’ve actually used the car for work every day this week (shameful) for various reasons.

I’ll have to get around to that blog update soon, and certainly once I’ve had a chance to see just how effective these grips are.

Canon 7D, EF 100mm f2.8 macro, 5 seconds at f32.


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