Project 365 – Day Two Hundred and Fifty Nine – Hawklords!

day 259

So, I’d had this week booked off from work and I’d spent all of it so far suffering from the worst bout of ‘flu I can ever remember having. I’d had a lot of holiday time to fit in before the end of the year as it hadn’t been possible to take any at all during the first six months. I had a ticket to see Hawkwind at Bedford Corn Exchange on December 15th and this is what prompted me to book this week off from work in the first place. I decided that it would be nice to have the day after the gig off, to recover. And then I thought it would be nice to have the day of the gig off to make sure I could get there on time. And then I just thought I might as well book the entire week off and be done with it.

However, I was suffering from this really, really bad case of the ‘flu and for four days I’d done nothing but sweat and shiver in bed. By the morning of December 15th I’d resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be going to see Hawkwind and text messages were sent with apologies to my friends. I went for a long soak in the bath and emerged feeling like a new man. More text messages were sent reversing my earlier decision and was able to go down to Bedford to see a band I had wanted to see play live for so damn long.

It was an excellent gig, made all the better for being there with such a great bunch of friends and I was just so appreciative of being able to go at all. Just a few hours before the band took to the stage I couldn’t see any way at all that I was going to be able to go.

Okay, it’s crappy photo, taken on my phone, pixelated, blurry and just nasty really. But it will sum up the day well when I look back on the year.

And today… yeah, I’m certainly not 100%, far from it. But I can at least move fairly normally now and I’m not shivering and sweating. Just a shame that most of my week off is gone and the weather is so dismal.

Very big thanks go to Martin for giving me a lift down there and back. If it wasn’t for him then despite my sudden revival I don’t think I would have been up to driving there myself last night.

HTC Wildfire, pointed pressed and hoped, f-god only knows


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