Project 365 – Day Two Hundred and Seventy One – Red Wine

day 271

When it comes to wine I’m certainly a red person. White just doesn’t have the complexity of flavours that I enjoy in a red. I’m still struggling to take photos at the moment, still full of the “cold” remnant from my dose of ‘flu. I am also without my flash gun, though I think that candle light was more suitable for this shot anyway.

I think I’ve made the mistake of shooting too close in at too wide an angle. There’s some distortion I’m not keen on as a result (well, not for this kind of shot anyway).

I’m saving the wine for another night when I can enjoy its flavours properly. When will this bunged up nose ever clear?

Canon 7D, EFS 15-85mm IS, 2.5 seconds at f3.5 .


5 thoughts on “Project 365 – Day Two Hundred and Seventy One – Red Wine

  1. Thank you very much, and for a cheap wine it’s pretty tasty. I have the last glass out of another bottle of it waiting for me downstairs. I just need to find some inspiration for my shot of the day before I go and have it.

    I see you’ve started a 365 Project, I’ll make sure to drop by for a look, and good luck with it!

    • Oh it is certainly that. Though I wasn’t disciplined enough to go out anywhere today to take a photo, so I’m sat here in the evening desperately trying to think of something to take. We’ve had day after day of grey, miserable weather with such flat light. What’s the betting the sun will appear on Tuesday when I go back to work? :^)

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