Project 365 – Day Two Hundred and Seventy Four – Star Light

day 274

I know this is a bit of a cliche, but I’d not done this one myself yet.

We went to see some friends this afternoon and knowing that one of them is a free lance videographer who had just bought a new Canon 60D I took my photo kit with me so we could do some geeking over lenses. I was keen to show him my Lensbaby Composer as the possibilities for shooting some down right freaky video using that lens are immense. We had a play with the Lensbaby, using their Christmas tree as a subject.

Whilst I did take a shot myself during our visit, I ended up re-shooting it at home using our own Christmas tree lights this evening. I’m never happy using high ISO and I was cranked all the way up to ISO 2000 for the photo taken earlier on. I had my tripod at home and settled for ISO 100 and a long exposure.

Canon 7D, Lensbaby Composer with star shaped aperture disk, 1.6 seconds at f-star shape :^)


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