Project 365 – Day Two Hundred and Seventy Six – Crappy New Year

carlton curlieu 010111 2

January 1st 2011. A lot of people finished their Project 365 yesterday. These were sensible people who started on January 1st last year, not me who started on April 1st. Three months to go for me.

In the week since Christmas Day I think we’ve only really had one day where the sun came out at all around here and that was December 26th. Every day I’ve been struggling to take photos and today I was determined to go out and get something no matter what.

I pulled out my Ordnance Survey map of southern Leicestershire and looked up a few footpaths that looked promising. However, it was very dull, it was grey, it was raining and the light was just dead. I headed out with the best possible intentions, thinking that it might be nice to get a shot off over the fields and woods of the rolling Leicestershire countryside with a bit of mist in the air.

I drove to Carlton Curlieu and trudged around the churchyard for a few minutes taking at most half a dozen shots. I had both my 7D and my 20D slung around my neck, the former had my 35mm f2 bolted to the front, the latter my Sigma 10-20mm super wide angle lens. So it was my 20D I ended up using for my shot today, a camera I’ve had for about 6 years now and still proving to be a fine body as long as you don’t have to crank up the ISO too much or want the machine gun speed shutter of the 7D.

I had intended to go and explore a section of the nearby Roman road which is now just a track across the fields, but I have to say that my former bravado didn’t hold up and I headed for home and a big mug of coffee somewhere warm, dry and light.

Canon 20D, Sigma 10-20mm, 1/50 at f4.


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