Project 365 – Day Two Hundred and Eighty One – St. Wilfred’s At Night

day 281

I have often thought of taking a night time shot of a local church for this project but it was only during last night and this evening that I finally decided I was going to try.

Whilst driving out to my friend’s house last night I noticed that the church of St. Wilfred in Kibworth was illuminated. I took mental note of this and returned tonight to check that it wasn’t just lit up for the benefit of the bell ringers I could hear practicing last night.

I had decided that a more rural location for such a subject was ideal as I felt a little wary of having my camera out on a tripod at night in a busier location. Of course, I had only snapped off a couple of photos before one person broke away from a group of ladies walking past to see what I was up to. I suppose it’s not that common to have somebody stood around in your churchyard at 22:00 and sadly many of our churches get vandalised, robbed or have the lead taken from their roofing. It was a friendly enough encounter, but I resolved to get some business cards printed up and create a web site with some kind of portfolio on it.

As for the photo I’ve ended up with, well the lighting wasn’t really hitting the top of the tower very much and it was very much brighter towards the bottom left of the frame as that’s where one of the lights was situated.

Canon 7D, Sigma 10-20mm, 3.2 seconds at f9.


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