Project 365 – Day Two Hundred and Eighty – The Key

day 280

I’ve made a sort of “New Year Resolution” to always take my little point and shoot camera into work with me, just in case. So far I’ve not used it once for this project and my daughter gets more use out of it than I do.

Today I was heading to a friend’s house straight after work for one of our regular “Chinese and DVD” nights, as they have become known. These days it tends to be Blue-ray, and on occasions it’s something other than a Chinese takeaway, but the appellation still holds.

Despite having my point and shoot with me I arrived back home shortly after midnight without taking a photo so I had a to do a very quick hunt around and came across this now unused key in one of my desk draws. If it wasn’t so late then I would have tried to find something to hold it in mid air before shooting, but I needed to get to bed so I took a rough and ready shot of it sitting on some black paper. The “selenium tone” and a bit of a vignette were added in Lightroom.

Canon 7D, EF 100mm f2.8 macro, 2 seconds at f2.8.


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