Must do more of this

I’ve popped Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook on my erm, well, yes – on my netbook. It runs like a dream and I really quite like the new dock arrangement they’ve added.

I had been playing around with all kinds of operating systems for ages on this thing and I felt torn. I think I’ll settle down with Ubuntu NBR now.

And I really should use my netbook more. I find it’s a great tool to use whilst sat in a comfy chair, sipping at something and most importantly, looking at lots of other people’s photographs and reading blogs. I’ve not done nearly enough of that since I swapped my MacBook Pro for an iMac. Sitting at a desktop machine is much more “worklike” than curling up with a laptop or a netbook.


3 thoughts on “Must do more of this

  1. Hi Chris,
    I prefer MINT myself, but I’m just a bit off Linux at the moment, as I foolishly tried putting it on the Mac, did’ent go down well. Mac OX as you perhaps know is based on Unix as is Linux, seemed logical!! But I now think the Mac as to go and I get back to a PC setup. The Mac’s a super bit of kit, but just dos’ent have the software available, for the kind of stuff I want to do, you know all that electronics CAD, chip programming, etc.

    My mate Peter in Darby as become a great Linux user, but it was me who first got him interested a few years back, yes we tried an early Ubuntu. Think at that time I used disk caddies, Windows on one, Linux on the other.

    I hav’ent got around to the picture a day yet, as I said I would.
    Hope your all well.

    • Hi Mel,

      Yes, I like Mint too and it works pretty well with this netbook. It’s based on Ubuntu isn’t it? Well, anyway, I had to settle with something or I was just spending all my time trying OS after OS. The main thing for me is “anything but Windows”. I did even pop an evaluation of Windows 7 on here, not that I could afford it or want to spend money on it even if I could. Although it ran pretty well I was soon reminded of all the things I dislike so much about Windows.

      The fact that Mac OS X is BSD under the hood was pretty key in persuading me to move that way about 5 years ago – that combined with the affordability of the Mac Mini. I’ve never looked back. It’s a joy to use a system that doesn’t constantly nag you and is also a bit more secure than the leaky bucket which is Windows. I’ve not had to reinstall the OS on any the Macs I’ve had in 5 years of owning them. With Windows I was constantly having to do that and would spend entire weekends rebuilding Linda’s PC after yet another malware incident. I know people knock Macs for being expensive, and they are, but I do feel you get the quality you pay for and 5 years worth of “reinstall free” weekends has been well worth the difference in asking price.

      Having said that I would love to move back towards a self built machine, running Linux and the main challenge is coming up with a photo editing / cataloguing solution I feel happy with as replacements for Photoshop and Lightroom. Gimp is great for me as a Photoshop replacement, it’s really the Lightroom part of things which is the sticking point at the moment.

      Best wishes to you Mel.

  2. Hah – you’ve made me go look at Mint again now. Last time I did so version 10 was in pre-release and it must have been just before the final release. Downloading it now… and then I really will stick with Mint on my netbook, honest…

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