Project 365 – Day Two Hundred and Ninety Two – Marble Madness

day 292

I’d had this one in my head to try for a while now, but I needed my flash gun back before I could give it a go.

I was “inspired” by or was trying to emulate the cover of the Marillion album, “Marbles” using my daughter Michelle as a semi willing model. Unbelievably I discovered that she doesn’t have any traditional marbles, the ones made of clear glass with spirals of colour running through the middle. These plain opaque blue ones were the closest she had (i’d shot them back on Day One Hundred and Fifty Eight in a totally different context).

And then of course I had to communicate what I wanted my model to do and she found it hard to hold her hands in the right place, and it was hard to keep her eyes open… and… well, this was the best I managed in the few minutes we tried for.

I decided to go with selective desaturation to add some impact to the “marbles” and after playing around with a few develop presets in Lightroom 3 I went with this rather yellowy tint for the rest of the image as it contrasted well with the blue of the marbles. A vignette was also added to draw the eye into the centre of the frame. Maybe I was a little too heavy handed with the vignette.

I didn’t land up with quite what I wanted, but I’m glad I tried and I’m reasonably happy with the end result.

Thank you to Michelle for being patient with Daddy. I promise next time I won’t ask you to do anything quite so tricky!

Canon 7D, EF 70-200mm f4 L, 1/60 at f4, Nissin Di866 set to 1/16 power firing into a white umbrella front and right of the subject.


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