Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Three – Poker Face

day 303

So, after tailing this guy all day long I see him shuffle into the sleaziest joint on the South Side, the baddest part of town. It wasn’t like I had a choice in the matter, I had to go where he went, and I think by then he knew that too. Ten minutes later, with the first sips of bourbon warming my gut, I found myself sitting over a table with his beady eyes drilling straight into mine. He was out to wow his dame, and it looked like he’d be doing it at my expense, one way or the other.

Canon 7D, EF 35mm f2, 1/200 at f9, snooted Nissin Di866 set at 1/64 power.


7 thoughts on “Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Three – Poker Face

  1. I LOVE THIS PHOTO– I like how you can only see one side of his face, totally fitting your description of him. Great photo!!

  2. Thank you. I was considering making him a little poker visor, but decided that would be going too far, plus I didn’t want to cover those beady eyes too much :^)

  3. LOL, his eyes indeed look great. I am curious how the poker visor would look, but maybe that would get in the way of the lighting too? How did you come up with this & how did you manage to have the cards up right? =)

    • Monkey was holding them of course ;^) (okay, okay, a paper clip to hold the “fan” together at the bottom, and this was then stuck into some “blu-tack” to keep the whole thing in place).

      As for where this came from, well Monkey himself was recently rescued from slavery on eBay. The idea was that he could look after my camera equipment and maybe become a model from time to time when I visit places – or when I’m particularly stuck for a Project 365 photo of course :^)

      I think the idea of having him play cards with me came out of a fusion of “The Sting” and those old “Sam Spade” type private detective movies. Not that I’ve seen that many. I think maybe my mind was set in the 1930’s following the previous day’s photo.

      • And now I’m thinking I really should have added a waft of smoke coming across the frame, just to add a bit of atmosphere… ah well. I always think of these things too late.

  4. I was thinking about the SMOKE adding that exact EFFECT too!

    and OFCOURSE the Monkey was holding the cards! 😉

    It sounds as though the Monkey has been through quite a rough past, it now fits into why he’s such a mysterious fellow. Though, I think you’re giving him way too much responsibility to take care of your camera equipment–he looks pretty shady to me (no offense!)

    • Yeah, and a bare light bulb hanging down in the background, either a stack of poker chips or a pile of bank notes, a femme fatale peering over his shoulder, cigarette holder clamped between overly painted lips… :^)

      The tooth-pick was added as they always seem to be slowly chewing away at something or other in those movies and if it’s not a cigar then it’s a tooth-pick.

      It’s all there in my imagination, I just need to get more of into the shot from time to time rather than thinking about it afterwards. This is Project 365 for you. The pressure is there to come up with the shot for the day and so often when I look back I realise what I could have done better. But that’s the whole reason for doing the project – to learn. Oh, and have some fun too of course :^)

      1:40 am where I am, so I should get myself off to bed. I will make sure to take a look at your own blog tomorrow. Monkey might have some comments to leave ;^)

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