Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Fourteen – Face Value

day 314

I’ve consciously avoided shooting myself during this Project 365. Sorry, let me re-phrase that, I’ve consciously avoided shooting self portraits during this Project 365. There have been partial photos of myself, but nothing quite so much “in your face”.

There are many reasons for this decision :-

Primarily it’s because I really don’t like the way I look and I don’t photograph well.I am certainly one of those photographers who should be on the other side of the viewfinder.

I feel that it would be boring as hell to take too many self portraits, both for any potential viewers and for myself.

It can be tricky to take a self portrait with a DSLR when you can’t see what you’re shooting. I know that some have flip out LCDs on them now, I would imagine this would make composition very much easier. I took around the equivalent of a full roll of film to end up with one photo I was not too horrified with.

Somehow it seems like rather a “soft option”. Humm, I don’t know what to shoot for The Project today… I know, me!

I’m certainly no good at coming up with interesting poses or expressions. Yeah, that’s me, staring straight into the lens again.

But as I tend to be behind the camera, I don’t have many photos of myself. I need to update my various online profile pictures once in a while.

Canon 7D, EF 35mm f2, 1/125 at f11, Nissin Di866 fitted with my home made snoot.


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