Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Eighteen – Escape

kirby hall 120211 14

The last time I managed to shoot a photograph outside was on January 22nd, in Nottingham. It feels like a lifetime ago. A conspiracy of bad weather, a nasty cold and various duties have kept me from getting out with my camera at weekends. At the moment I don’t get much other chance to shoot outdoors as it’s dark when I go to work and dark when I get home. It felt wonderful to get out today, even if it was only a fairly local trip to Kirby Hall (which featured in this project back on day One Hundred and Thirty).

I knew I wanted to get some shots of the statues with the house behind them and I waited around for about ten minutes just here for the sun to reappear from behind a cloud. This is why photographers get frustrated when out with non-photographers, and vice-versa of course. Yes, I could have snapped a shot off without the sun on the stone work, but it would have looked so flat and dull compared with this. The long shadows and golden light were well worth the wait. The shadow you can see towards the right hand side of the foreground is that of the statue in the photo. Looking along to the left from that a bit you can see just how long the statue of that plant pot is. Wonderful winter afternoon light combined with beautiful honey coloured stone.

I was wandering around with both my DSLR bodies slung around my neck today. The 20D had the super-wide angle bolted on for the entire duration whilst my 7D was used along with my 70-200mm and my 35mm lenses. I have to say I had quite a few reasonable shots I could choose from today and was tempted to use the one below as I do love to see light shining through glass, particularly old glass with imperfections like this (worth clicking through to see a bigger version, the only processing I did on this was to bump up the saturation to really bring out those colours in the glass).

kirby hall 120211 11

Canon 20D, Sigma 10-20mm, 1/320 at f10.


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