Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Twenty Three – Red, Green, Blue

day 323-1

I didn’t quite manage to nail this one. In my defence I must say that I have to work in cramped conditions. But a bad workman blames his tools I guess.

The fabric background I used to diffuse the light is too close to the subject so that it shows up in the curvature of the glasses. The table top was too small and not quite reflective enough. The water levels are not quite spot on and I think I aimed my flash a little too low. I would have loved to take a wider shot than this, but the background is only just as big as this. Oh and I don’t think I had the camera set up exactly square and central to the glasses; I had pushed the glasses together until they were touching and yet the “red” glass appears to touch the “green” one whereas the “blue” one seems to have a little gap. I think that’s down to the angle I shot from being not quite right.

However, all that said I did enjoy shooting this one. Backlit glass has become a favourite subject during this project.

Canon 7D, EFS 15-85mm, 1/60 at f8, Nissin Di866 doing backlighting duties.


2 thoughts on “Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Twenty Three – Red, Green, Blue

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. All forms of art are subjective. And, anyway, your photo was obviously interesting enough that it grabbed my attention and pulled me in for a better look! 🙂

    • Thank you very much for the words of support :^) I find it very difficult to appreciate my own work, and that’s a genuine thing, not some sort of “false modesty”. I’m always seeing how something could have been better rather than being pleased with what I have achieved. I suppose I should be pleased with today’s shot as a first attempt and just try to learn from it.

      Thank you for leaving your comment :^)

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