Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Forty One – Orion

day 341

A clear night sky tempted me out in the car this evening, armed with one camera, one lens, my tripod and some good music. I wasn’t at all sure what I was going to shoot. I’d been thinking of various night time scenes that might be worth trying for a couple of weeks or so and decided that I would just head out and see what I could find.

I got out as far as Wistow and there in the night sky ahead of me was a glorious view of Orion. I pulled over and got down to work. It seemed as if a few other people had pulled over by the side of the road there too, but I think they might have been working on some altogether different projects *cough*. So glad I had my iPod with me.

I wanted to capture something on the horizon to give my photos a “footing” and originally those trees were illuminated with a bit of an orange glow. I used a cross processing preset within Lightroom to change the orange into green. Also there is a little road which leads off to Fleckney just on the other side of the field from where I was shooting. I took some without cars passing along it and some with. I quite liked having that streak of light along the foot of the photo so I chose one of those shots as my “Photo of the Day”.

Canon 7D, EFS 15-85mm IS, 15 seconds at f8, ISO 1600 (Porcupine Tree playing on the iPod – thank you).


4 thoughts on “Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Forty One – Orion

  1. Beautiful – Orion is my favourite … what? star-constellation, is that what they’re called in English? ‘Sternbild’, I say in German ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thank you Simone, and yes constellation is the word. I have to say I think I can agree. He’s usually easy to find at my favourite times of year (spring and autumn) – or so it seems to me, that might be something to do with it.

    • Thank you for reading, subscribing and de-lurking Mark ๐Ÿ™‚

      I did get quite a bit of noise at that ISO, obviously rather less at lower settings. Noise is a pain when you’re shooting the night sky as sometimes you wonder whether a dot you’re seeing is noise or a star (or galaxy or whatever). I started out at ISO 400 for 20 seconds and certainly picked up the brighter objects with considerably less noise. ISO 800 seemed to be pretty good too, as was ISO 1000 – I shot using several settings so that I could compare once I got home to the big screen. The main reason I chose the shot I did was down to the streak of car headlights at the bottom of this one. If I’d picked up some traffic on one of the ISO 800 or 1000 shots then I might well have ended up choosing one of those.

      Plus, once I’ve finished my 365 (not long to go now) I would really like to come back and do some “how to” posts, both for things I’ve done during the project and any new tricks I get up to in future. I’m sure they won’t be anything like as frequent as the “Project 365” postings, but hopefully I can go into a lot more detail and show equipment set up etc.

      Thanks again for dropping by!

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