Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Forty Five – Roman Baths

day 345

It was great to get out in the sun for a while today, even if it was just into the centre of Leicester. This is the site of the Roman baths in Leicester. The big chunk of wall at the back is known as the “Jewry Wall”, and nobody really seems to know why. It is however “the second largest piece of surviving civil Roman building in Britain” and formed one of the walls of the Roman baths. Just behind this can be seen St. Nicholas’ Church, one of a couple of contenders to be the oldest church in Leicester. As it is reputed to have been built on the site of a Roman temple I reckon it probably has a pretty good claim. There are still remains of Roman columns to be found in the churchyard. In the foreground can be seen the foundations of the Roman baths and the concrete and glass block to the left of the frame is part of Vaughan College.

Later on in the day I enjoyed an hour long session in the sauna of my local leisure centre, I think at least partly inspired by having just walked around the ancient Roman equivalent.

Canon 20D, Sigma 10-20mm, 1/200 at f9.


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