Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Forty Six – Mastermind

day 346

I had most of the day alone with Michelle today and we got up to all sorts of fun things. She had her swimming lesson this morning, we walked there and back which gave us lots of time to talk. Some time was spent watching a bit of a Harry Potter movie together before lunch. Later on we made chapatis together, and then ate them accompanied by the raita we made a couple of days ago. Then it was outside to play Swingball, following which Michelle decided to read whilst I processed a few photos from yesterday.

After this the Mastermind set came out. In principal it’s the same game I used to play as a kid, only back then it was made by the locally based Invicta Plastics and the playing board looked rather different.

I managed to accidentally shoot this at high ISO again. Yesterday I’d taken some shots inside the Jewry Wall museum in Leicester and for the second time in a week I failed to notice the high ISO when I next came to use the camera. The processing was done in Lightroom 3 using the “Old Polar” develop preset because I liked the way that rendered the colours. I didn’t quite manage to nail the focus on her eye in this one but I do like their colour and the catch-lights in her pupils. The foreground bokeh is just crazy – that’s where the well in which the little coloured pegs sit before they are used during play.

Canon 7D, EF 35mm f2, 1/60 at f3.2, ISO 400 (!!!), Nissin Di866 flash bounced from the ceiling.


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