Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Forty Seven – Beacon Hill

day 347

I was very lucky to be out and about with my camera on Sunday afternoon. I managed to time my trip pretty well to perfection in order to catch the sun.

I can’t remember the last time I was here at Beacon Hill, it was certainly many years ago, maybe not even in adulthood. I really have no idea why this should be as the views from the top are wonderful.

I concentrated on the summit area during this visit, taking shots of the views all around and of the wonderful rock formations. Just as I was about to leave I saw the summit bathed in golden light and with such a wonderful sky I decided I’d try to make something of it. I waited for a while for people to move out of shot and finally there was just a woman and a young boy left. The woman made her way down, but the boy was obviously having way too much playing on the rocks. Looking over my shoulder I could see more people on the way up so I fired away despite the lone figure still being in view.

I ended up cloning him out in Photoshop. Under different circumstances it might have been a great shot to have just a single figure standing on top of the hill, but for that to work I think it needed to be a bigger person, and maybe not to include the triangulation point which already juts prominently into the sky (and also maybe not quite such a wide angle view)

I’m now really looking forward to heading back here. I plan to do so as soon as we get another bright, clear day. I’ll take some sandwiches and a flask of coffee with me and make sure I stay for longer. There is so much more to explore here. There’s also a lot more to say about the history and geology of this place, scope for a few future blog postings.

Canon 7D, Sigma 10-20mm, 1/160 at f9.


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