Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Forty Nine – Open Wide

day 349

I was back to see the dentist today. I knew this was coming for a little while, he was prepping a tooth to make it ready for a crown. Not really a problem as the tooth in question was already root filled.

Well, I don’t know why, but once the anaesthetic wore off a tooth on the other side of my mouth started to hurt. By this evening I was knocking back the pain killers like they were sweets. I’m hoping that it’s some reaction to him having to press down so hard to get the impression of my bottom set of teeth. As I type I’m finally at a point where the pain has receded enough for me to think about something other than how much my mouth hurts.

As I was setting this shot up the pain killers hadn’t quite kicked in. I was irritable and didn’t want to spend the time to get this right. I cross lit Dr Monkey using two flash guns and I think I should have moved the one to the left of frame just a bit further around to the front – just to throw a bit more light on the pliers.

Oh, and to cap my day off I managed to stab my thumb with the hypodermic. I mean, how silly was that? Did I really need such a level of authenticity in this that an actual needle was required in the syringe?

Hoping the pain killers keep me asleep tonight and hoping that whatever is up with my tooth just sort of goes away. It can’t be anything too bad surely? I mean, I only had a check up and a full set of x-rays about 2 weeks ago.

Teeth! Why on Earth do they have to have nerves in them?

Canon 7D, EF 35mm f2, 1/60 at f9, Nissin Di866 and Yongnuo YN460 fired using iShoot wireless flash triggers.


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