Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Fifty One – Lilac

day 351

Having spent most of the day in bed today I knew it would be tricky to come up with a photo for my Project 365. I took a quick wander in the garden to get some air and saw all the buds coming out on our lilac bushes. I would have loved to shoot one in situ, but macro shots of such things are tricky. The slightest breeze sends them wobbling about all over the place, and with macro photography that makes it very difficult to obtain a sharp result.

So, I picked one. I don’t like picking such things, but it was just one out of hundreds so I hope the bees won’t mind too much.

My camera was on my tripod with the lilac bud set into some blu-tak on the desk. I used my wireless flash trigger to enable me to light my subject from any angle I wanted. I’ve found that I like working like this, with the flash gun free I can have one hand on my shutter release, the other holding the flash. That way I can move the flash wherever I want it, just hand holding it and get a wide variety of lighting in a short space of time.

It would have been better to set up one of my umbrellas for a more natural diffused light, although on the plus side, this harsher lighting has picked up all of those tiny hairs on the leaves and the bud.

The entire bud was only about 1cm from top to bottom. I’m constantly amazed at the details which can be revealed using my macro lens. I took a quick snap of the bud in my hand with my 35mm lens to give some idea of scale (and yes, my fingernails need a trim).

Canon 7D, EF 100mm f2.8 macro, 1/30 at f8, Nissin Di866 flash using iShoot wireless trigger.


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