Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Fifty Three – Long Compton Church

long compton 190311 6

The village of Long Compton lies very close to the border of Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. I was there this afternoon as I was determined to get out somewhere with my camera whilst the sun was shining and I wasn’t at work. My main target for the day was the nearby stone circle and associated monuments at the Rollright Stones. I’ve been visiting them for well over twenty years now.

I thought I would certainly end up with a photo taken at the stone circle as my “Photo of the Day”, however I also stopped off in the village to fire off a few shots near the church. I’ve always liked this lychgate. Originally this was one of a string of cottages which ran in a line to the west. The rest were demolished but thankfully this one has been preserved and it serves as a pretty unusual lychgate for the church of St. Peter and St. Paul.

There’s all kinds of wrongness going on with the exposure. I’ve blown the sky out to the left of frame, the sun was shining from that direction. The various little patches of light in the shadow on the road are distracting elements also, but they were there – light shining through the windows of the lychgate cottage. I suppose the other disadvantage to this shooting angle is that you can’t actually clearly see that the building to the left does indeed form the gateway to the church, but I was keen to get both the lychgate and the church into the photo.

My photos back on days One Hundred and Forty Three and One Hundred and Forty Four were taken not very far from here.

Canon 7D, Sigma 10-20mm, 1/50 at f9.


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