Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Fifty Eight – No Spectrum

day 358

I had it all planned out tonight. I was going to take a shot of the spectrum of colours emerging from a prism for my Project 365 shot. It didn’t quite go to plan. Right from the start I decided that I would use a fan of paper for part of the beam of coloured light to fall upon, just to add some interest. What I hadn’t really thought out properly was that I needed a much more narrow and focussed beam of light than I seemed able to produce.

I did manage to obtain a rather feeble and indistinct spectrum in the end, but as I was processing the photos I decided that it really didn’t look anything like what I had hoped for from this photo.

However, I really liked the way that the paper looked, roughly fanned out and lit from the side so I took a few shots of the paper alone.

Canon 7D, EFS 15-85mm IS, 1/125 at f8, Nissin Di866 flash.


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