Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Sixty Two – Lighter Nights

day 362

What a joy it was to get out after work this evening with my camera and my daughter and see a bit of the great outdoors before it got dark. British Summer Time is finally here and it gives me the chance to shoot outdoors for a little while after my working day. I get so tired of doing all those “still life”, “studio type” setups when that seems to be all I can do. They’re fine once in a while, and they can be great fun, but nature and the outdoors inspires me more than anything (well, old buildings too).

I’ve shot at Saddington Reservoir several times during this project so I thought I’d try and get back there one more time before the end. Michelle was keen to come out with me and she took a few photos herself as well as chucking lots of stones into the water. I took a few of her throwing the stones and then asked her to strike this simple pose which just seemed to fit the setting somehow.

I didn’t quite manage to nail the silhouette look that I was after, I suppose Michelle’s white t-shirt sticking out from under her red cardigan doesn’t really help. However I’m fairly pleased with the end result. Shooting this kind of photo makes me want to work with models all the more.

Canon 7D, EFS 15-85mm IS, 1/400 at f7.1


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