Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Sixty Five – All Done

day 365

And finally, Day Three Hundred and Sixty Five is here. I can hardly believe that I’ve done it. I know to some it might not seem like a huge achievement, and certainly if I was able to dedicate more of my time to photography then it probably wouldn’t seem like such a big thing at all to me.

There have been ups and down along the way, some photos I’m very pleased with, others I will never want to see again. When I started this on April 1st 2010 I never really expected to complete it. I started on that date in order to give myself an easy get out clause, “just an April Fool”. There have been many times I can’t believe I managed to take a photo. Back in December I spent four days ill in bed, but somehow I managed to crawl out to take my “Photo of the Day”. Just a week or so ago I spent another twenty four hours with a fever following a dental infection – or more likely a reaction to the anti-biotics I was given. I think that was the closest I got to failing and I still can’t believe I managed to drag myself out of bed for long enough to take this photo. I was barely functioning on a conscious level, but still I managed it somehow.

So, no great big “grand finale” shot? I had been thinking about this for the last couple of months I suppose. What to take for my final “Project 365” photo? I came up with a few ideas which might have made a fitting end of the project, but dismissed them all one by one. I really wanted to get outdoors this evening to shoot my last shot for the project, and I really wanted Michelle to come along as she has done on so many of my shoots for this project. A return trip to Wistow felt right, quite a lot of my photos have been taken there and Michelle and I always enjoy a walk through the fields by the church.

The buttercups were just beginning to flower and the lambs were bleating next to their mothers just a bit further down the field. Sadly the sun didn’t really want to cooperate, but that didn’t stop us enjoying ourselves. It seems a fitting end to me – what could be better than being outdoors, walking through the fields, laughing and joking with my little girl? Perfect.

I’m not going to rattle on for ages about lessons learned tonight. I’ll come back another time to blog about that. For now I’m just looking forward to taking photos when I want to take photos. It will no doubt feel rather odd for a few days or weeks not to have the constant “what can I shoot?”, “where can I go?” running through my head every single day.

So, following my Project 365 I plan to :-

  • Produce a few “tutorial” style blog entries which go into far more detail than I could during the project about various different techniques and set-ups.
  • Look properly into the possibilities of stock photography.
  • See if I can purchase a fairly cheap vintage, medium format, film camera – maybe a folder : would love a Voigtländer.
  • Carry on enjoying my photography and learning more and more – especially about light and lighting.
  • Shoot more people :^)

And as I assured Michelle tonight, just because the project is over doesn’t mean that we don’t get to go out and have fun any more. It just means that Daddy won’t be stressing over making sure he gets a photo taken each and every day. I’m sure we’ll be back out again soon, both of us taking photos and enjoying ourselves so very much whilst doing so.

And finally… A very big thank you to everyone who has followed along over the last year. Thanks for your comments, thanks for your encouragement, thanks for your suggestions. There certainly have been times when all that has kept me plodding on was the encouragement and support I received from you all. I hope that now I’m done I can go back and spend way more time looking at other people’s photos, which is such a great way to learn. I’ve made quite a few new friends in completing this project and I feel a bit guilty for not looking at their work as much as I would like. That is one thing I’ll be putting right with some of the extra free time I’ll now have each evening.

And I should also thank my wife and daughter for putting up with an often cranky Chris over the last year. Your help and support finally saw me get through what is actually a deceptively challenging project. I know some nights I’ve been in a foul mood because I’ve just not known what to shoot, so thanks for putting up with me :^)

And on that note I will sign off for now before this turns into an awards ceremony acceptance speech. Time for a big mug of coffee. Back in a few days!


6 thoughts on “Project 365 – Day Three Hundred and Sixty Five – All Done

    • Thanks Kavey, I know some of the photography has been very “patchy” but I do feel like I’ve learned a lot from doing this. It was fun and it was bloody frustrating too :^) Looking forward to taking my time with my photography again, and having more time to do other things without the constant nagging of “must get a photo, must get a photo”.

  1. Congrats on finishing! I tried something like this, but failed miserably after about 5 months! Love your goals for next year – especially the medium format film one! I just inherited a Voigtländer folder from the 1930s, and am determined to bring it back to life!

    • Thank you Simone. One of the things I’m looking forward to most is just taking the time go go and read and comment more on some of the wonderful blogs I discovered through doing this project. I want to spend more time appreciating other people’s work and learning from it. It’s amazing just how many evenings were totally lost to that nagging voice in my head I mentioned above in my reply to Kavey : “must get a photo, bloody hell – what can I shoot?”. Anyway, you can expect to see me popping up on your own blog a bit more often now :^)

      Ooh, your folding camera sounds wonderful and just the sort of thing I’m looking for, though maybe something from the 50’s – main thing is I want one which mostly works. I quite like the idea of a folder as they really do just collapse down to a very pocketable size. Do you have much work to do on the Voigt to get it into shooting order?

  2. Just another congratulations on finishing a fine project, which has been yet another poke for me to at least consider doing such a thing. Hope you’re not too burned out to talk at some point about what you may have learned or whatever from doing it.

    • Thanks Mark :^) I will certainly be back very soon to start blogging about what I feel I’ve learned and gained from the 365. A lot of people have asked me whether I’ll be doing another one, but to be honest I don’t think there’s anything for me to gain by repeating it. I don’t want that to sound too negative about the idea of the 365 Project, it’s simply that I think that particular project has taught me what it can.

      I’m delighted to say that of course I still have loads more to learn about photography and loads more to learn about some of the things I scraped the surface of during the 365. But now I can take my time a little more to explore things in depth rather than having to rush everything and have a “that’ll do” mentality just out of the necessity of having to get something taken, processed and blogged each day.

      Today I actually found myself missing my 365, not for the project as such, but for the focus it gave to my creative activity. There was a very nice looking sunset this evening which during the project I would have been anticipating and I would have made sure I was somewhere with my camera to take advantage of it. I only noticed it when it was far too late for me to get out anywhere this evening. I need to start working towards some of my other photographic projects soon I think. And I’m sure I’ll be writing about whatever I do get up to here.

      I’ll start writing up some of my “lessons learned” over the next couple of evenings, so I expect something will be up on here later in the week.

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