Adventures in Film Development – Part 3

I’ve had a roll of 120 film sitting waiting to process for over a week, so I thought I’d better get it sorted out over the weekend. I processed it this evening and all went well…

…Until I took them down after drying and discovered they weren’t actually quite dry. And the way I discovered this was them getting stuck to the protective paper sleeve that I put them on after cutting.

I’ve made rather a mess of the film, but I’ve learned from it. I’ll never do that again. I was just too keen to get them scanned in and see the results.

It’s certainly not the best roll of 12 photos I’ve taken using “Helmut” the vintage Rolleiflex, but it’s a shame to spoil the results in this way having done all the trickier bits just fine.

Chalking this one up to experience and I’ll just have to see what I can salvage.


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