Super Takumar on a Canon 7D


I’ve taken my Super Takumar lenses out for a spin mounted on my EOS 7D over the weekend. The adapter only cost £5 and I was keen to see what these lenses were capable of, particularly the 55mm f1.8 when wide open.

I’m used to focusing manually and shooting in full manual mode anyway, however I did find it quite tricky to focus without a viewfinder with a microprism focusing screen. I think I could probably get one to fit in my 7D, but I’m not sure I really want to go to those lengths (and expense).

There are adapters which include an “auto focus confirm chip” for about four times the price. With one of those I think it would be possible to select one of my camera’s focus points and holding the shutter release down whilst focussing the 7D would blink that spot red in the viewfinder when focus was achieved. For now I’ll just stick to taking a few different versions of everything I shoot hoping that one of them will be in focus.


The photo above was taken during a visit to the park with my daughter this morning. I had the 55mm set to f1.8 and I was keen to see what the bokeh was like. I have to say I love it. Not a great photo, just a “test shot”, but I think it proves the potential and quality of these 1960s lenses. Colour reproduction is great and I’m amazed how sharp this lens is, even wide open at f1.8.


A mooring ring by the side of the Grand Union Canal, near Kilby Bridge, Leicestershire. I shot this at f1.8 yesterday. I took a couple of shots and preferred the composition of the other, but sadly I just missed my focus.

I tried to shoot a few seconds of HD movie footage as the focusing ring on this lens is really smooth. All I proved was that I would really have to have the camera on a tripod – way too much shaking. Naturally no image stabilisation and on my 7D this 55mm lens actually has the equivalent focal length of 88mm.

I will use these lenses with the Pentax Spotmatic they were bought for at some point, but for now it’s great to just be able to get out and give them a go using a modern DSLR.


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