As we approach the centenary of the sinking on Sunday, I thought it was appropriate to repost this from just over a year ago.

SquonkyBlog II

day 361

Today’s photo is a close up of the inscription on a memorial to one Denzil J Jarvis, an engineer from Leicester who died in the sinking of the Titanic in April 1912. His body was either never found or if found not identified so he most certainly isn’t buried here. This memorial can be found in the church yard of St. Mary Magdalene, in Knighton, Leicester.

I knew this memorial was here, and had photographed it before many years ago. I decided today that it can be all too easy to overlook things which are on your own doorstep and that a short photo shoot quite close to home was in order. I live only about a mile away from this spot.

It was within a few yards of this memorial that I was knocked off my bike in Church Lane by a motorist pulling out of a…

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