Getting Back To It

leicester 260114-10

Looking up Castle View, Leicester towards the Turret Gateway and the church of St. Mary de Castro (with spire in scaffolding).

Well, I’ve been away from blogging for a while. It’s not the first time that I’ve had an extended hiatus like this. It isn’t that I’ve not been doing anything, I’ve just either not found the time or the desire to write about things online much.

A few months ago I got as far as registering a new domain name, installing WordPress and writing a couple of entries in what was planned to be a single subject blog about “vaping” (more of which later). It turned out that I didn’t really have the enthusiasm to carry me beyond setting the thing up.

My photography has been on a back-burner for about a year. Sure, I’ve still been taking photos, but in nothing like the quantity of previous years. I feel like I need a photography project to really get my teeth into again. I see that the last post I made here was regarding taking photos at gigs. I suppose I could start by getting back to doing more of that.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve not posted to this blog since I made the switch from smoking to vaping. The “ecig” has been a revolution in my life since last time I was here. So much so that I felt that I wanted to blog about the subject but I really should have started blogging about it when I first started to vape.

I’ve also made the move back to a Windows platform for my computing after several years as a Mac user. I did like using OS X but it got to a point where I wasn’t willing to pay the overhead simply to use it. The applications I rely on are Adobe Lightroom and (to a much lesser extent) Photoshop. These are only available for Windows or OS X so back to Windows it was. If there was a Linux option from Adobe I would have very happily gone down that route. 

Another change has been in my attitude to photographic kit. The change had already started when I was actively blogging before. I had grown fed up of lugging around a big old DSLR and a bunch of heavy lenses. I wrote here about my experiences using the Fuji X100 during a holiday to Rome and that proved to be a defining point for me. No need to carry all that bulky and heavy equipment around, just slip the X100 into a small bag and I was set. I’ve now added a Fuji X Pro1 to my kit and I hope to go and give that a try on some gig photography once I have a longer lens for it. The shot at the head of this post was taken with the X Pro1 and the 18mm lens which is the only one I have for it at the moment.

I think I’ve been in a bit of a creative quagmire, almost akin to writer’s block. Time to kick-start myself. Time to think of some long term photographic projects to get working on. Suggestions are of course very welcome!



2 thoughts on “Getting Back To It

  1. hey buddy, long time no hear. ’twas great to see you blogging again. Just like you, I kind of got around to start doing it again after new years, will see how long I will be doing it *hehe* as for photography, I more or less just do team handball photography now a days, it’s hard to find time to go out and do shooting just for the fun of it. An old boss of mine, from the time as a consultant, has started to gather a couple of people up and head out somewhere and see what we can find there to shoot. So far we’ve just been away once, January, and we’ll see when she gather us up in February. Are you running Windows 8.1 now or? I’m on that and sometimes I do use those words not allowed in church *haha*.

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