Toying With Time Lapse

Time lapse sequences were something I had long wanted to have a go at. I finally had a bit of a stab at it last summer, rigging my EOS 6D to an app on my phone via wireless. It worked pretty well considering the price difference between said app (DSLR Controller by Chainfire) and a Canon intervalometer (only allows up to 99 shots?). The app worked well and was easy to use but it was a bit of extra faff and it rankles that Canon are so obviously “on the make” when such a feature could easily be built into the firmware of the camera in the first place.

Fuji take the opposite approach with firmware. For example the changes they made to the firmware of the original X100 made such a positive difference to the camera that I didn’t feel the need to upgrade to the X100S when that was released (not that I was really in a position to upgrade anyway). And now with the X100T there is an integrated intervalometer feature in the firmware. I’d just been waiting for a chance to try it out and I headed out to Bradgate Park yesterday with this in mind (and a good supply of batteries and memory cards in pocket).

I’m a complete beginner at time lapse as I’m sure the examples below will make all too clear but now that I have a camera which is so easy to use for this purpose I should be getting quite a bit more practice. Both sequences were 360 photos, shot 2 seconds apart in raw to allow quick and easy adjustments in Lightroom (not that I did much adjusting). I also felt that shooting in raw could prevent some inconsistencies between the in camera processing of a jpg which would show up as flickering in the end result. I then imported the Lightroom exported jpg files into Adobe Premiere Elements 12 for rendering as a video file.

The first is Leicestershire landmark, Old John : a beer tankard shaped tower which sits atop the highest point in the park (and one of the highest points in Leicestershire). The second is the war memorial which is located just a couple of minutes walk away from Old John on the next hill to the south-west.



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